Create a Sales Playbook or Manual

Whether you are looking to create, design or write a sales playbook, sales handbook, sales manual or sales guide in Kenya or outside, we can help. You can reach out for a free consultation or read on.

Create a Sales Playbook

Meaning of a Sales Playbook

The working definition of a Sales Playbook is a document that addresses all the elements involved in ensuring a successful sale in your institution. 

And every institution is unique.

This is why you may have been drawing naught in your Google search for Sales Playbook free template, best examples, software, sample, in Word, ppt or pdf. Your search is over. Let us help you build or structure a Sales Playbook or Manual.

Benefits and Importance

The Sales Playbook differs from the rest in that it is a live document. The importance and benefits of a sales playbook or why sales playbook is important, is that it is continually being improved. Unfortunately, for many institutions, the well written sales manuals, guides or handbooks are dutifully documented processes that remain inanimate, yet selling, not being a desk job, is anything but.

Purpose of sales playbook

The advantages or benefits of a sales playbook are that first, it is good business practice to document processes, and two, the business (or sales leader) does not have to keep repeating itself. The Sales Playbook guides internal sales training, what the business expects of its sales people (some complete with dress code), how to position themselves, how to look for prospects, off- and online, how to engage customers across different points of interaction, how compensation is made, and much more.  In fact, we may sometimes refer to it in our industry specific sales training.

A Sales playbook is a tool; it is a how-to, step-by-step guide to successful selling in your institution; your rules of sales; basically, ‘How We Sell’. Ideally, a novice should be able to start from the bottom, up to being a sales professional by using it. Therefore, how it is structured, what a sales playbook looks like, what format it should be in, or what is needed or included in a sales playbook is highly dependent on the institution. (And we are happy to help guide you on how to write or create a sales playbook. You can reach out for a free consultation or read on.)

Create a Sales Playbook or manual

For instance, some institutions may want to create an enterprise-wide sales playbook, sales development playbook, sales and marketing playbook, a sales manual or playbook in personal selling, a sales prospecting playbook, or even  sales enablement playbook; while others want to create one only for their B2B arm; and still others both, B2C and B2B. It is very institution dependent. The major parts of a sales manual or the main components of a great sales playbook address customer or sales engagement and interaction. One of the benefits of this is ensuring a service, and therefore brand, consistency across your entire customer facing staff on how they interact with customers, existing and potential.  Developing or building your sales playbook is therefore a mutual engagement between you and us that starts with a sales playbook outline or contents, to guide what goes into it.

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