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Sellers should understand the buying process

Sellers find processes boring and unnecessary, to their detriment. Yet, as a buyer, do you really want to understand the buying process before you buy? Confused? Read on To begin with, selling is results oriented; buying is process oriented. So? Not understanding this difference may ruin relationships and delay completing the sale (closing). Here are

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Think for the buyer and avoid the dreaded “Let me think about it.”

Usually, this requires that you understand his circumstance because it is the lens through which he is looking at the problem. Think for the buyer to accelerate the sale. Leave nothing for his imagination Spell out how you see the sale going through from his point of view. And do this without disrupting his circumstances,

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The power of words in nailing clean sales

When a woman says, “We should…” almost always she means, “You should…” So, when selling…. Most likely that salesperson you admire, keeps taking the cake because of her choice of words when selling. Appropriate word usage is indispensable to successful selling. This has got nothing to do with being an accomplished linguist. Far from it.

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